Interdisciplinary Investigation on Technology, Environment, and Fertility


Have Innovation and Environmental Chemicals Increased Infetility?


The number of infertility treatment performed in Japan is higher than the numbers in any other countries in the world. Sexual norm, ethics, and behavior has been tremendously changed due to a flood of sexual information and service resulting from innovation. Meantime, increasing exposure to environmental chemical have adverse effects on human reproductive functions. This proposed project targets Japanese people, using methods of humanities, social sciences, and environmental sciences, to test the hypotheses “Innovation and chemical exposures increased infertility”.


This project consists of three sub-projects to test the hypothesis.
(1) The effects of innovation on sexual norm and behavior
(2) The effects of chemical exposure on reproductive functions and sexual behavior
(3) The effects of sexual behavior and chemical exposures on infertility.


Principal InvestigatorKONISHI ShokoThe University of Tokyo, Department of Human Ecology, Associate ProfessorSummarization, Modeling
Group LeaderMORIKI YoshieInternational Christian University, College of Liberal Arts Division of Arts and Sciences, Senior Associate ProfessorInterview
Co-InvestigatorAKAGAWA ManabuThe University of Tokyo, Department of Sociology, ProfessorInterview
Group LeaderYOSHINAGA JunToyo University, Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Applied Biosciences, ProfessorMeasuring Chemicals
Co-InvestigatorIMAI HidekiTokyo Healthcare University, Higashigaoka-Tachikawa Faculty of Nursing, ProfessorRecruiting Research Targets, Research
Co-InvestigatorSAOTOME TomokoLouis Pasteur Center for Medical Research, ResearcherEvaluating Reproductive Function
Group LeaderIWAMOTO TeruakiInternational University of Health and Welfare Graduate School, Reproduction Center, ProfessorEvaluating Reproductive Function
Co-InvestigatorYAMASAKI KazumitsuGeneral Incorporated Foundation, Tsukuba Rokujinkai, Tsukuba Gakuen Hospital, Urology Department, Head PhysicianEvaluating Reproductive Function
Co-InvestigatorIHANA Tatsuji International University of Health and Welfare Graduate School, Senior Lecturer, EmbryologistEvaluating Reproductive Function


Kathleen A. O’ConnorUniversity of Washington (US), Department of Anthropology, Professor Emerita
J. Richard PilsnerUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst (US), Environmental Health Sciences in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences, Assistant Professor